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Kole Imports & Closeouts

Founded in 1985, Kole Imports has been a leading wholesale merchandise distribution company for over 30 years with over 10,000 products and serving over 100 countries.


Achieve growth in direct e-commerce sales via while maintaining ROAS goals. Additionally, testing and implementing new marketing channels that can deliver the right type of customer and growth.

Strategy and implementation

The results

Conversions white

90% increase in online conversions for the first 2 years

Over 33% growth in online paid conversions YoY

Decrease in CPA costs while maintaining ROAS goals

Deliver new channel sales via Social Ads with very low CPA costs

Website traffic

Increase overall Organic traffic to the site by 80% the first year with maintained Organic growth via a comprehensive keyword strategy

Budget up white

Increased budget on marketing initiatives by 25% YoY for the past 4 years

A word from our client

Kole Imports has been working with Softline for over 7 years now. During that time, they have been instrumental in crafting cutting edge marketing solutions. Working with Softline we have been able to significantly grow our customer base which has helped Kole Imports to grow as one of the leading Wholesale Merchandise Distribution companies in the United States.

They constantly innovative with their approach which has enabled us to stay ahead of the market. I’d recommend working with Softline if your looking for a true marketing partner and not just a vendor.

Jason H Kole Imports

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