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Case study / 1-800-Bollards

More traffic, more sales, more brand awareness.

63% More Online Conversions

Since 2008, 1-800-Bollards, a woman-owned business, has been a leading supplier of architectural and security bollards in industries including education, retail, government, stadiums/arenas, and much more.


Our goal was to increase brand and product visibility for 1-800-bollards and increase the number of online quote requests as well as providing an e-commerce solution for products available for sale directly from the site.

Strategy and implementation

  • Develop & Deploy new Google, Bing search and shopping ads

  • Develop & Deploy targeted landing pages for quote driven products

  • Optimize & Deploy products for e-commerce and online sales

  • Develop & Deploy an organic keyword strategy based on national and geo specific targeting to increase visibility to the products and brand

  • Implement advanced analytics and goals to ensure we are able to identify multi-channel conversions

  • Introduce and deploy successfully a set of Social based Ads for targeting new customers on Facebook and Instagram

The results

  • 63% increase in online conversions for the first 2 years

  • Over 33% growth in e-commerce sales YoY

  • Decrease in CPA costs while maintaining ROAS goals

  • Increase brand visibility that has established them as a industry leader

  • Increase overall Organic traffic to the site by 100% the first year with maintained Organic growth via a comprehensive keyword strategy

  • Increased budget on marketing initiatives by 25% YoY for the past 4 years

Get new customers, increase your online sales.

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