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Softline Solutions is a Los Angeles-based Social Media Company. Just send us a little content every month and we will reach your target demographic and acquire new fans with visually engaging and shareworthy posts.

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With a clear strategy and a good team behind you, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest offer a powerful new way of building brand awareness, audience reach and sales.
At Softline Solutions we take the time to research and identify opportunities and produce campaign messages that engage your target demographic, encouraging shares and likes.

Engaging Shareworthy Content

fotek-facebook-page-on-mobileOur campaign management team produces engaging and shareworthy content that acquires thousands of fans for clients all over the world. We have experience across a variety of industries and companies from start-ups to large organizations. Our balanced and practical approach to social media sets us apart from most other social media companies.

Self Managed or Fully Managed Campaign Packages

social-media-speech-bubblesEvery business comes to us with a different challenge and one size does not fit all. We offer a menu of services that are flexible and that respond to your needs and capabilities. Our social media management and consulting services range from one-off campaign page setups all the way through to fully-managed big-brand solutions including content creation (image & copy), community management & social media monitoring.

“We knew we could probably do it, but we simply did not have the time or resources to do it. We send in our content ideas every month and then Softline Solutions weave their magic.”


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Online Success Stories

Softline Solutions gains a lot of our inspiration from our clients – small to medium sized businesses that start from nothing (or a challenge) and through smart decision making and creativity grow into a smooth running, scalable and profitable business.