Softline Solutions’ Pay Per Click management pricing varies depending on the needs of our clients. We offer simple and sophisticated PPC solutions for a range of companies with rates and fees that reflect the detail needed to improve ROI.

New client set-up fee

It takes different amounts of work and time to set up a PPC account for various businesses. Companies spending $5,000 per month on advertising with only 100 keywords used will see significantly lower fees than those spending $50,000 per month with 10,000 keywords spread out across many PPC platforms.

Some companies need a brand new PPC account set up, which takes more time and work than managing an existing account. Some clients need multiple accounts set-up and/or managed.

Softline Solutions doesn’t require any long-term contracts, so we do charge a one-time set up fee to begin the management of your account. This fee typically ranges from $500 to $3,000 depending on the clients’ needs.

Monthly Pay Per Click Management Rates

Every month that you have service with Softline Solutions, you pay the advertising fees that Google, Bing, Facebook and other advertising networks charge. These fees are paid directly to the provider. You pay Softline Solutions a monthly rate to manage and optimize your account across those provider networks. Softline Solutions’ monthly management fee varies depending on the amount of advertising dollars you spend with the various provider networks.

Our management fees include account management as well as a consulting phone call every month (up to an hour) where we discuss the progress of your account. On our monthly call, we also talk about any needed changes in strategy. The minimum account management rate is $500.

You won’t experience a “set and forget” attitude from our PPC management team. When we manage your account, we continually work within your advertising budget to make sure you’re getting optimal ROI. When you’re getting a high ROI, we expect that soon you’ll want to increase your advertising budget. We can always offer a free assessment and quote on the management of a larger spend.

No long-term contracts

Our standard contract just requires you to give us a 30 day notice if you want to end PPC management services with us. We don’t believe you should have to be locked into a long relationship when your needs might have changed. Softline Solutions wants to retain clients that are pleased with the results we provide.


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