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Give your targeting the serious boost it needs via individual and household demographics, as well as behavioral and psychographic insights from Softline Solutions.

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The typical behavioral media company frequently falls back on third-party cookies to create relevant display advertising. We at Softline Solutions know this is about as helpful as chasing a bank robber after the getaway car has already crossed the border, which is why we offer pre-targeting as well as re-targeting display ad services. It’s our job to help you meet consumer needs when customers are ready and willing to buy, not after the shopping ship has sailed. Our team utilizes a cookie-free, offline database featuring individual and household-level demographics, behavioral and psychographic insights, and hundreds of attributes. We help you predict consumer behavior from an educated standpoint, allowing you to deliver display ads based on what consumers want and need.

Once your targeting list enjoys a little refinement, we provide your company with the highly advanced consumer geo-centric technology that places your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

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How It Helps

Wondering what to do with all of your new data? The possibilities are endless! For example, if your company deals with retirement investment services, your new data would allow you to advertise your services to people turning 65 within the next few months. Another idea is advertising household products to newlyweds, or biker accessories to motorcycle enthusiasts. Advertise new and used vehicles to households with children turning 16, or vacation packages to retiring individuals with specific income levels. Our data makes it possible to target specific sections of your audience, so you enjoy the traffic and revenue your brand needs to succeed.

Consumer Targeting at Its Best

Work with the company whose reputation speaks for itself. Our team has the knowledge and experience to create precise display ad campaigns via sophisticated analytical data. There’s no guessing games when you work with us, just the results you want. We’ll help you rid your campaign of underwhelming or under-performing ads so your marketing efforts focus on what’s working. Whatever your business goals or display advertising needs, count on our team to make your marketing campaign work for you every day, all day.

Create a display ad campaign using consumer targeting that really works. We’ve got the special sauce that electrifies your marketing efforts, increases brand awareness, and puts more revenue in your company bank account.

Display Ads Are as Relevant as Ever

Don’t dismiss display ads as a waste of advertising time. They remain a very relevant component of your marketing strategy that works in conjunction with other advertising means to put your brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds. Display ads help you generate new leads, establish your brand as something consumers want and need, and otherwise increase revenue numbers. It’s our job to help you determine exactly where and how to place display ads with the assistance of eye-catching ad designs, consistent optimizations, and finely tuned targeting strategies. Never waste another penny on ho-hum display ads that do little to move your target audience…work with us to create engaging ads that help your brand grow and thrive.

Online Success Stories

Softline Solutions is inspired by our clients’ success. From small businesses to national brands that just aren’t getting the results they want from their web sites, our team has helped hundreds of companies develop a strong, reliable, and profitable online presence.