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Design geo-targeted ads viewed by the businesses you want when you work with Softline Solutions. Target ads by industry, address, or business size…it’s up to you!

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If you’re attempting to obtain new business from a number of clients, make tantalizing offers to employees within certain industries, or acquire funds from one or more investors, it’s important to utilize the right business targeting methods. We at Softline Solutions understand that going through the “front door” isn’t always the preferred option, which is why we provide unique, highly customized business targeting solutions that place your display ads in front of the right employers, manufacturers, employees, and more at the right time.

Our IP intelligence makes it easy to deliver ads to a specific business address or category, such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, restaurant industry, or education. Reach the people you want to advertise to efficiently and with fewer challenges when you work with us.

How Should You Use Your New Data?

So, how can you put your new data to work for you? One way is to target business travelers by displaying ads in airport terminals or inflight Wi-Fi services. Another example is increasing trade show and convention traffic by targeting show attendees at hotels close to the event location. Perhaps you want to advertise to construction employees on lunch breaks by targeting them at their favorite local haunts, or advertise textbooks to college students by sending ads directly to university campuses. Other examples include delivering ads to offices before big pitches and presentations, or creating display campaigns for restaurant owners opening new eateries and bars. Create the highly specific advertising campaigns your B2B company needs to thrive—that’s what we’re here for.

The Online Party Is Here to Stay…Help Yourself Remain in the Minds of Your Target Audience!

Put our 15-plus years of experience to work for you when you create display ad campaigns relevant to each segment of your target audience. Forget less-than-stellar display ad campaigns that waste your money and rarely reach your target demographic at the right time. Use our outstanding wealth of resources to customize your campaigns down to the last letter to pique the interest of businesses you want to work with or obtain as new customers. The solutions you want are just a phone call or email away…. contact us today to learn why we are among the industry’s best! We’ll help you create something amazing, we promise.

Online Success Stories

Softline Solutions is inspired by our clients’ success. From small businesses to national brands that just aren’t getting the results they want from their web sites, our team has helped hundreds of companies develop a strong, reliable, and profitable online presence.