How Will Apple iOS 14 Impact Facebook Advertising?

How Will Apple iOS 14 Impact Facebook Advertising?

Changes to iOS 14 are happening early in 2021. Facebook advertising is likely to be impacted based on changes to permissions. Facebook users are about to start seeing a message that gives them a chance to opt-out of data tracking across “apps and websites owned by other companies.” Apps will be required to get permission from users to track them. 

The Effect of iOS 14 on Advertisers

It’s clear that this change is likely to affect Facebook ad pixel actions. Tracking of leads, conversions, and purchases is likely to be inaccurate because some users will choose to opt-out of being tracked. 

There’s a good chance your pixels won’t be able to learn as well, making it more challenging to optimize your ads. Building audiences for retargeting will probably be more difficult since you won’t have data from those who arrive at your landing page from an iOS 14 device. 

The good news is this change only affects users who have an iOS device and complete the latest update. You’ll still be able to track data from those who use Android devices or desktop, as well as those who choose not to opt-out. The bad news is advertising on multiple platforms will be affected, including TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

We can’t be sure exactly how this will affect businesses since it’s impossible to know when the prompt is going to start happening or how many people will choose to opt-out. What we do know is:

  • This doesn’t mean you can’t get leads and sales from people who use iOS 14 devices, but you won’t be able to track and optimize these users as effectively. 
  • Since the Ads Manager reports won’t include information in iOS 14 users, your cost per action will go up.
  • You won’t be able to build audiences similar to your current audience or retarget some of your visitors.
  • Facebook won’t be able to optimize around App installs.

To further complicate things, Facebook is also making a change to scale backtracking events to no more than eight events per domain. If your business is small and your funnel doesn’t have many steps, this may not have a huge impact on you. On the other hand, if you have several products and custom conversions or if you’re using App installs as your objective, this change may be challenging.

Preparing Facebook Ads for iOS 14 Update

It’s time to prepare for the potential impact of the iOS 14 update. Start by getting your domain verified. To do this, you’ll need to be using Facebook Business Manager and be a full Admin. Under the Brand Safety Section in your Business Settings, go to the Domains area. Click the Add button. Input the web address and click Add Domain. There are three verification methods to choose from including Meta-Tag Verification, HTML File Upload, and DNS Verification. Select one of these methods and click the Verify button.

Once you have verified your domain, there are other actions you can take. Use the Breakdowns report to get a clearer picture of how many leads and purchases are from iOS devices. Give some thought to what conversion events you’ll use if you have more than eight.

Getting Help with Digital Marketing

Don’t panic about these changes. There are still a lot of unknowns, and you may find this has a minimal impact on your business. 

If you need help with Facebook Advertising, particularly relating to upcoming changes, get in touch with Softline Solutions. We make it our business to stay on top of the latest changes. We want to help your business attract, engage, convert, and reach your online potential.